Last year we had the opportunity to familiarize ourselves with a new device called Xstat, designed for rapid gunshot wound closure, which seals the inlet, stabilizing the patient and protecting it from bleeding. The invention has already proved its usefulness, saving the patient’s life.

One of the greatest threats to human life is gunshot wounds. The ball hole can lead to bleeding, so it must be clamped as quickly as possible so that the patient is stabilized and can safely hit the operating table.

Such wounds are particularly dangerous in combat conditions, which is why scientists have been working for years on an effective way to temporarily close them. Last year a very promising invention called Xstat was created, which is able to close the gunshot wound in just 20 seconds, giving the patient more time to reach the hospital. The idea is not particularly complicated, as it is a large syringe filled with small sponges. The device pushes into the wound and pushes the plunger, inserting sponges that soaked in blood, seal the inlet.

Many were skeptical of Xstat and doubted its effectiveness. However, this was confirmed by a surgical team from one of the US hospitals who used a device to cushion hemorrhage in one of the patients during surgery. During the 7-hour procedure, the patient began to bleed heavily, and the current method of stopping hemorrhage was ineffective, so it was decided to use Xstat, which he did almost immediately, helping to stabilize the patient.

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