The Autopilot feature, which Tesla Motors provided a few weeks ago to owners of the Model S, was intended to provide substantial assistance to the driver and support him during long journeys. These owners apparently are not grown up to such technology, because the manufacturer has just announced that it puts restrictions on its use.

A few weeks ago, owners of Tesla Model S received the long-awaited Autopilot. The new technology has transformed these luxury cars into semi-autonomous vehicles, making it easier for motorists to travel, as the computer then takes care of keeping the distance from the cars ahead, maintaining their lane, etc. So it can be said that it is a bit more advanced cruise with some additional options.

Approximately 40,000 drivers have downloaded the software, but some have used the system incorrectly for their purpose, rampaging on the road, as evidenced by numerous YouTube videos.

Although no case has been reported so far, this is due to this technology, but the manufacturer prefers to blow the cold and has announced additional restrictions that eliminate such risks.

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