The Google X Labs, which run Google Glass and self-driving cars, are working on another project. This time, the goal is to create a bracelet that would allow for quick and easy detection of cancer cells.

Cancer is at the moment the greatest threat to humanity, because it is not cured, and progressive environmental pollution and other factors make the number of illnesses increase year by year. The most important thing in this disease is its early detection, which slightly increases the patient’s chances of survival, so scientists around the world have been working on easy-to-use and effective cancer cell detection tests.

Also Google has decided to address this issue, and in its Google X labs is working on a completely new project. Over a hundred doctors and scientists are involved in creating a bracelet that can effectively detect the presence of cancer cells in the body.

The system is based on special pills filled with nanoparticles that circulate in the body by searching for infected cells. When these are found, the nanoparticles bind to them, and thus illuminate them. Then such cellular connection goes towards the bracelet that attracts them.