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IBM technology will streamline freight forwarding

Last year, IBM introduced an innovative blockchain system for merchants. Its concept allows you to trace the way your products are kept so that the source of the problem can be found immediately in case of any irregularities.

The system has so far been used by 400 companies, including American Walmart, and now its use has also been decided by Maersk Line, the world’s largest maritime forwarder.

The company explains that every single container shipped from East Africa to Europe requires seals and signatures from more than 30 people. Once you reach the destination, you will need to do more than 200 different activities, and that means having to do a lot of paperwork, which obviously raises the cost of transportation.

Blockchain will reduce the amount of activity that has to be done so far. It is enough to upload a copy of the signed document to the network, and then every person involved in the process of its transportation will have access to it. In case of problems, you will not have to dig up a lot of papers, but you will know at what stage the irregularities have occurred.

Retina will go to a new series of macbooks?

If rumors are true, Apple may sharply hammer the market for laptops. Western sources say the giant wants to launch a new MacBook Pro with Retina displays next year.

Retina screens that have made their debut on iPhone 4 will not be limited to Apple smartphones and tablets. If you believe the gossip, the corporation also plans to use it in the new MacBook Pro line.

At present, the highest resolution, 1920 x 1080 pixels, offers 17-inch MacBook Pro. Installing a Retina screen on a MacBook would provide a significant quality boost.

Still, they are just gossips, but they do not appear for the first time, which may prove to be something. It’s no secret that installing a Retina display on a MacBook would provide Apple with a significant advantage over the competition and consumers instead of Asus or Sony devices, and they would be looking for new MacBooks.

In addition, if Apple does not choose this step, it may be overtaken by Samsung, who is allegedly planning to put its own screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and 11.6-inch screen into the new Galaxy Tab. Such a tablet could successfully replace a laptop.

On the other hand, installing such a screen on a MacBook is risky. First, it would affect the price of the equipment, and secondly, it could significantly reduce the running time of the device, much faster battery exhaustion.

The Swiss will launch autonomous urban transport

Autonomous vehicles are not just passenger cars. This technology is used more and more often for works on public transport. And it is the autonomous buses as the first to go on public roads, as next year such machines can be expected in Switzerland.

They will be launched thanks to the startup efforts of BestMile, founded by students of the Swedish Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), in cooperation with PostBus, one of the largest bus operators in Switzerland and France.

Startup has been working on a new standalone bus for some time now and plans to launch it next year on the Valais, the third largest canton in southern Switzerland, the capital of which is Sion. The first two buses powered by electric motors, capable of carrying up to 9 passengers and within a two-year test period, will start driving there early next year.

A safety helmet for athletes will reduce the risk of injury

American football is one of the most traumatic sports in which injuries often occur, and the most dangerous of them is the head. However, a Oklahoma high school student has developed an innovative helmet that reduces the risk of injury by as much as 75 percent.

Francis Tuttle is a high school student from Oklahoma High School who is also a school football player for the American football team. Unfortunately, as was the case for contact sports, he had already had four brain shocks that caused frequent headaches and vision problems. Neurology, after careful examination, suggested he resign from the sport, as further injuries could result in permanent brain damage.

So he and two classmates, after a year of design work, developed a new type of carbon fiber helmet, which reduces the risk of injury by 75 percent. Particularly in the case of collision helmet helmets.