Grafen is a material whose many applications are not yet found. Another method of its use was developed in South Korea, making it a durable and flexible OLED panel.

The OLED panel, developed by OLED engineers, has the ability to bend multiple times without the risk of damage. This means that the new panel can be used in the near future to produce a variety of wearable gadgets as well as smart clothes.

The invention is the work of a team led by Yoo Seung-hyup of the School of Electrical Engineering of KAIST and Lee Tae-woo of the Materials Science and Engineering Department of POSTECH. The panel is made in a stack structure, combining multiple layers of graphene, titanium oxide and conductive polymers. The display thus obtained is more bright and provides better light transmission. And thanks to the properties of titanium oxide, the panel can withstand four times the bending load compared to the hitherto used flexible OLED panels that can be found on televisions and curved screen smartphones.