Since the release of the iPhone 6, it has taken some time and even though sales figures are topping the basic model of the new smartphone, it is increasingly evident that consumers are inclined toward the larger 6 Plus iPhone. The problem is that due to limited production it is hard to get it, so Apple decided to change it and focus on its production now.

Apple’s manufacturing capacity is not limited, so the company has had to make a difficult choice, so the iPhone 6 Plus will be available at the expense of a smaller model. As reported by the Korean DigiTimes website, Cupertino has already asked its suppliers to reduce the supply of the smaller model and focus on producing a larger version. Of course, this does not mean that the production of the iPhone 6 will be suspended, as surely there are so many copies of it that consumers will not notice.

Such a move is not new to Apple. It has already made similar moves when it reduced orders for the less popular iPhone 5c to increase iPhone 5s production.