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Americans are testing an autonomous helicopter

The American army apparently binds its future with unmanned machinery. For now they are drones, but in the near future will also be autonomous helicopters.

A few days ago there was a demonstration of the possibility of the specially modified JUH-60A Black Hawk helicopter, which is the forerunner of a new type of machine, requiring no pilots to fly, land and avoid danger.

This helicopter was equipped with the RASCAL (Aircraft Concepts Airborne Laboratory) RASCAL system, and its test was conducted over the Diablo Mountain Range, located near the California city of San Jose. During the presentation the pilots were present in the helicopter cockpit, but only as a security if the computers refused to obey. All the maneuvers, while the two hour flight at 60-130 meters, performed fully automatically and managed to achieve the target of 60 cm.

RASCAL enables the machine to navigate between obstacles, as well as the use of a terrain detection system, risk assessment, risk avoidance, and all this is done in real time.

The Army has not yet set a date for launching unmanned helicopters, but considering how advanced it will be, it will probably take place in the next few years.

The Swiss will launch autonomous urban transport

Autonomous vehicles are not just passenger cars. This technology is used more and more often for works on public transport. And it is the autonomous buses as the first to go on public roads, as next year such machines can be expected in Switzerland.

They will be launched thanks to the startup efforts of BestMile, founded by students of the Swedish Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), in cooperation with PostBus, one of the largest bus operators in Switzerland and France.

Startup has been working on a new standalone bus for some time now and plans to launch it next year on the Valais, the third largest canton in southern Switzerland, the capital of which is Sion. The first two buses powered by electric motors, capable of carrying up to 9 passengers and within a two-year test period, will start driving there early next year.