If rumors are true, Apple may sharply hammer the market for laptops. Western sources say the giant wants to launch a new MacBook Pro with Retina displays next year.

Retina screens that have made their debut on iPhone 4 will not be limited to Apple smartphones and tablets. If you believe the gossip, the corporation also plans to use it in the new MacBook Pro line.

At present, the highest resolution, 1920 x 1080 pixels, offers 17-inch MacBook Pro. Installing a Retina screen on a MacBook would provide a significant quality boost.

Still, they are just gossips, but they do not appear for the first time, which may prove to be something. It’s no secret that installing a Retina display on a MacBook would provide Apple with a significant advantage over the competition and consumers instead of Asus or Sony devices, and they would be looking for new MacBooks.

In addition, if Apple does not choose this step, it may be overtaken by Samsung, who is allegedly planning to put its own screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and 11.6-inch screen into the new Galaxy Tab. Such a tablet could successfully replace a laptop.

On the other hand, installing such a screen on a MacBook is risky. First, it would affect the price of the equipment, and secondly, it could significantly reduce the running time of the device, much faster battery exhaustion.

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