Active safety systems installed in the Jaguar XE have significantly contributed to its victory in the class: a large family car. Apart from the class names, this is undoubtedly the success of this brand considering how strong XE competition is. We have decided to take a closer look at what the active prevention of road events has to offer this car.

The Jaguar XE has undoubtedly hit the premium car market, competing with the Audi A4, the C-Class, the BMW 3-Series and the Lexus IS. The company decided to build a completely new ultralight platform, which uses high-strength steel as well as aluminum. Only after the first kilometers of the XE can be found how compact and rigid is the construction. This affects not only the ride characteristics that are just great, but also the safety. And the latter is backed up by active systems that take care to minimize the effects, and best to eliminate the risk of a possible collision. These are adaptive headlamps, blind spot monitoring, lane assistant, road marking, and transverse motion warning when driving back from the parking lot.

The blind spot monitoring system works similarly to other such solutions. He warns with a clear icon in the proper mirror of another vehicle next to our Jaguar XE. If we had decided to change the lane to include a turn signal, then this system would issue another warning flashing the icon. The effect is shown in the film below.

Another important element is undoubtedly the lane assistant, who warns against the vibration of the steering wheel unintentionally changing direction (crossing the line separating the straps). But that’s not the end, because a very useful solution is the transverse movement warning system, which definitely helps when leaving the parking lot behind. The way it works and its effectiveness is really commendable!

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The Jaguar XE is usually a rear-wheel drive vehicle. We usually write because there are 4-wheel drive versions available. It is important, however, that with the JaguarDrive Control, the driver can choose from a sporty, normal, economical, slippery ride. It changes the characteristics of the engine, as well as the stability of the driving circuit. Particularly helpful is the latter mode, which significantly improves the performance of starting on slippery surfaces, such as on an icy road or wet grass.

The optional Jaguar XE is also equipped with a HUD display, so you do not have to tear your eyes off the road for navigation or current speed. This is useful not only during dynamic driving, but primarily because of safety.


The Jaguar XE is undoubtedly a unique car. It looks insane, as evidenced by the jealous looks of most pedestrians, and above all other drivers. It turns out that XE has more to offer than just amazing design, great traction, very good performance and economical engines. Euro NCAP tests where Jaguar XE scored 5 stars (92% for passenger protection, 82% for child protection, 81% % For pedestrian protection and 82% for active safety systems) clearly show that it is also a very safe car.

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