Month: January 2017

Retina will go to a new series of macbooks?

If rumors are true, Apple may sharply hammer the market for laptops. Western sources say the giant wants to launch a new MacBook Pro with Retina displays next year.

Retina screens that have made their debut on iPhone 4 will not be limited to Apple smartphones and tablets. If you believe the gossip, the corporation also plans to use it in the new MacBook Pro line.

At present, the highest resolution, 1920 x 1080 pixels, offers 17-inch MacBook Pro. Installing a Retina screen on a MacBook would provide a significant quality boost.

Still, they are just gossips, but they do not appear for the first time, which may prove to be something. It’s no secret that installing a Retina display on a MacBook would provide Apple with a significant advantage over the competition and consumers instead of Asus or Sony devices, and they would be looking for new MacBooks.

In addition, if Apple does not choose this step, it may be overtaken by Samsung, who is allegedly planning to put its own screen resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels and 11.6-inch screen into the new Galaxy Tab. Such a tablet could successfully replace a laptop.

On the other hand, installing such a screen on a MacBook is risky. First, it would affect the price of the equipment, and secondly, it could significantly reduce the running time of the device, much faster battery exhaustion.…

OnePlus One also mini version?

The OnePlus One is a good-sized device with a 5.5-inch display. Such a big screen has its advantages, but also the disadvantages, because it is difficult to handle it with one hand. OnePlus plans a smaller version of the One, which will be equipped with a 5-inch display.

The Chinese branch of Gizmodo claims that the OnePlus One will soon be available in the Mini. The site already had a chance to take a closer look at the new model you see in the picture below.

The difference in screen size will not be too big, as the standard model has a 5.5-inch screen, while the Mini will receive a 5-inch screen. It should, however, increase the comfort of using the smartphone, but at the same time do not affect too much on its usefulness.

As far as technical specs, the Mini version will probably be equipped with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 615, 8 megapixel front and rear camera, and Android 4.4.4 KitKat.

However, the price will be the OnePlus One Mini, because rumors suggest that the phone costs only $ 241.95. As for such equipment, the offer seems very attractive.…

Increasing profits from streaming music

According to the latest RIAA report, streaming music is bringing more and more revenue to its producers. Last year only in the US, all paid music services, produced $ 3.9 billion.

There was a time when music labels were worried that streaming music and paid services for users’ mobile devices would affect record sales, limiting their profits. These concerns are probably past, as the latest RIAA-2016-shipment-revenue-statistics show that streaming brings revenue to the rest of the world.

In the United States alone, last year it was as much as $ 3.9 billion. That represents just over half of last year’s profit generated by the US music industry, which totaled $ 7.7 billion. Compared to last year, industry-wide profits rose 11.4 percent. And this is the biggest increase since 1998.…

Apple is focused on the iPhone 6 Plus

Since the release of the iPhone 6, it has taken some time and even though sales figures are topping the basic model of the new smartphone, it is increasingly evident that consumers are inclined toward the larger 6 Plus iPhone. The problem is that due to limited production it is hard to get it, so Apple decided to change it and focus on its production now.

Apple’s manufacturing capacity is not limited, so the company has had to make a difficult choice, so the iPhone 6 Plus will be available at the expense of a smaller model. As reported by the Korean DigiTimes website, Cupertino has already asked its suppliers to reduce the supply of the smaller model and focus on producing a larger version. Of course, this does not mean that the production of the iPhone 6 will be suspended, as surely there are so many copies of it that consumers will not notice.

Such a move is not new to Apple. It has already made similar moves when it reduced orders for the less popular iPhone 5c to increase iPhone 5s production.…

Flexible OLED screens for the new graphics application

Grafen is a material whose many applications are not yet found. Another method of its use was developed in South Korea, making it a durable and flexible OLED panel.

The OLED panel, developed by OLED engineers, has the ability to bend multiple times without the risk of damage. This means that the new panel can be used in the near future to produce a variety of wearable gadgets as well as smart clothes.

The invention is the work of a team led by Yoo Seung-hyup of the School of Electrical Engineering of KAIST and Lee Tae-woo of the Materials Science and Engineering Department of POSTECH. The panel is made in a stack structure, combining multiple layers of graphene, titanium oxide and conductive polymers. The display thus obtained is more bright and provides better light transmission. And thanks to the properties of titanium oxide, the panel can withstand four times the bending load compared to the hitherto used flexible OLED panels that can be found on televisions and curved screen smartphones.…