Month: December 2016

Tesla limits Autopilot

The Autopilot feature, which Tesla Motors provided a few weeks ago to owners of the Model S, was intended to provide substantial assistance to the driver and support him during long journeys. These owners apparently are not grown up to such technology, because the manufacturer has just announced that it puts restrictions on its use.

A few weeks ago, owners of Tesla Model S received the long-awaited Autopilot. The new technology has transformed these luxury cars into semi-autonomous vehicles, making it easier for motorists to travel, as the computer then takes care of keeping the distance from the cars ahead, maintaining their lane, etc. So it can be said that it is a bit more advanced cruise with some additional options.

Approximately 40,000 drivers have downloaded the software, but some have used the system incorrectly for their purpose, rampaging on the road, as evidenced by numerous YouTube videos.

Although no case has been reported so far, this is due to this technology, but the manufacturer prefers to blow the cold and has announced additional restrictions that eliminate such risks.…

The Swiss will launch autonomous urban transport

Autonomous vehicles are not just passenger cars. This technology is used more and more often for works on public transport. And it is the autonomous buses as the first to go on public roads, as next year such machines can be expected in Switzerland.

They will be launched thanks to the startup efforts of BestMile, founded by students of the Swedish Federal Institute of Technology (EPFL), in cooperation with PostBus, one of the largest bus operators in Switzerland and France.

Startup has been working on a new standalone bus for some time now and plans to launch it next year on the Valais, the third largest canton in southern Switzerland, the capital of which is Sion. The first two buses powered by electric motors, capable of carrying up to 9 passengers and within a two-year test period, will start driving there early next year.…

China delegates VPN

The Chinese government is taking further steps to ensure control over the Internet. By virtue of the latest decree, VPNs were banned there. You can use them only with the consent of the government.

China has long taken steps to completely control the internet. Over the past few years, they have been able to effectively block in their country access to Western sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, and many web services including Gmail.

But the government is not enough. Its representatives are well aware that citizens can circumvent these restrictions through VPNs, so they have officially been banned. From now on, the use of foreign proxies will be considered a crime, unless a given VPN receives government approval of the activity.

New rules have already entered into force and will remain in effect until March 31 next year. So far, it is not clear exactly how the government intends to enforce the new legislation, but it may be assumed that the authorities will only target companies that provide VPNs to ordinary citizens, leaving international corporations alone, leaving the solution to their employees alone.…

A safety helmet for athletes will reduce the risk of injury

American football is one of the most traumatic sports in which injuries often occur, and the most dangerous of them is the head. However, a Oklahoma high school student has developed an innovative helmet that reduces the risk of injury by as much as 75 percent.

Francis Tuttle is a high school student from Oklahoma High School who is also a school football player for the American football team. Unfortunately, as was the case for contact sports, he had already had four brain shocks that caused frequent headaches and vision problems. Neurology, after careful examination, suggested he resign from the sport, as further injuries could result in permanent brain damage.

So he and two classmates, after a year of design work, developed a new type of carbon fiber helmet, which reduces the risk of injury by 75 percent. Particularly in the case of collision helmet helmets.…